LIFE Groups

LIFE Groups are what we call our small group ministry.  Each group is made up of 6-12 people who meet each Sunday evening in someone’s home for a time of fellowship and Bible study. Groups are led by trained leaders who ensure that each meeting is well planned.


2010 Pepperdine Lectureships – Gilbert and Kate Kerrigan Overcoming Shallowness through Small Groups

Each letter in LIFE describes a different type of group:

Learning Groups
Involvement Groups
Fellowship Groups
Evangelism Groups

These four words shape our groups.  They guide us in our groups.  They lay out an expectation for each group.
Learning Groups will focus on in-depth study of a topic or biblical book.
Involvement Groups will focus on expressing faith through service and love.
Fellowship Groups will focus in intimate relationship building through confession, accountability, and prayer.
Evangelism Groups will focus introducing others to Christ and His followers.

Please consider becoming part of our L.I.F.E. Group ministry.

What’s the purpose for L.I.F.E. Groups?

L.I.F.E. means something to us.  It provides us with purpose.  Our L.I.F.E. Groups are designed to:

  • Provide an atmosphere of Love.  Our groups are where real caring and ministry takes place.  Everyone belongs and no one is alone.
  • Provide an atmosphere of Involvement.  There is no better place for everyone to contribute and participate than in our groups.  We envision our future leaders being shaped in our L.I.F.E. Groups.
  • Provide an atmosphere of Fellowship.  Humans thrive on relationships.  This should not be surprising.  The Trinity is a relationship – 3 yet 1.  Our groups are designed to build closer relationships.
  • Provide an atmosphere of Evangelism.  There is no better way to make Christ Known than through relationships.  Our groups are designed to build relationships with friends and neighbors.