Newsletter 2016

Below, you can find links to both our eNewsletters and PDFs of the print newsletters for 2016. To find older newsletters, select the archive year you wish to explore from the Newsletter drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Newsletter PDFs

I Need More Clarity!
Title: July 20 (344 clicks)
Caption: I Need More Clarity!
Filename: july-20-2.pdf
Size: 1 MB
Ground Shaking Prayer
Title: July 13 (118 clicks)
Caption: Ground Shaking Prayer
Filename: july-13-2.pdf
Size: 1 MB
The Scandal of the Table
Title: July 6 (100 clicks)
Caption: The Scandal of the Table
Filename: july-6-2.pdf
Size: 1 MB
Just and Full of Grace?
Title: June 29 (132 clicks)
Caption: Just and Full of Grace?
Filename: june-29-2.pdf
Size: 1 MB
June 22
Title: June 22 (107 clicks)
Filename: june-22-2.pdf
Size: 1 MB
June 15
Title: June 15 (120 clicks)
Filename: june-15-3.pdf
Size: 1 MB
Christus Victor
Title: June 8 (119 clicks)
Caption: Christus Victor
Filename: june-8-2.pdf
Size: 1 MB
Outside the Spectacular
Title: May 25 (129 clicks)
Caption: Outside the Spectacular
Filename: may-25-2.pdf
Size: 1 MB
How He Loves
Title: May 18 (84 clicks)
Caption: How He Loves
Filename: may-18-2.pdf
Size: 1 MB
Ongoing Confession and Forgiveness
Title: May 11 (94 clicks)
Caption: Ongoing Confession and Forgiveness
Filename: may-11-2.pdf
Size: 1 MB
Compassionate Global Awareness
Title: May 4 (112 clicks)
Caption: Compassionate Global Awareness
Filename: may-4-2.pdf
Size: 1 MB
Prayer is Ministry Too!
Title: April 27 (118 clicks)
Caption: Prayer is Ministry Too!
Filename: april-27-2.pdf
Size: 1 MB
The Blessed Peacemakers
Title: April 20 (115 clicks)
Caption: The Blessed Peacemakers
Filename: april-20-2.pdf
Size: 1 MB
The Immeasurably Vast Universe
Title: April 13 (124 clicks)
Caption: The Immeasurably Vast Universe
Filename: april-13-2.pdf
Size: 1 MB
Declaring Forgiveness
Title: April 6 (134 clicks)
Caption: Declaring Forgiveness
Filename: april-6-2.pdf
Size: 1 MB
Fragile Worshipers
Title: Mar 30 (149 clicks)
Caption: Fragile Worshipers
Filename: mar-30.pdf
Size: 1 MB
The Very First Easter Sermon
Title: March 23 (122 clicks)
Caption: The Very First Easter Sermon
Filename: march-23-2.pdf
Size: 1 MB
I've Found Him!
Title: March 16 (143 clicks)
Caption: I've Found Him!
Filename: march-16-2.pdf
Size: 1 MB
Bear With One Another
Title: Mar 9 (122 clicks)
Caption: Bear With One Another
Filename: mar-9.pdf
Size: 1 MB
Salvation and Grumbling Don't Mix
Title: Mar 2 (143 clicks)
Caption: Salvation and Grumbling Don't Mix
Filename: mar-2.pdf
Size: 1 MB
ELM's Spring Class Offerings
Title: Feb 24 (121 clicks)
Caption: ELM's Spring Class Offerings
Filename: feb-24.pdf
Size: 1 MB
Mission vs. Model
Title: Feb 10 (133 clicks)
Caption: Mission vs. Model
Filename: feb-10.pdf
Size: 1 MB
God of the Hungry
Title: Feb 3 (233 clicks)
Caption: God of the Hungry
Filename: feb-3.pdf
Size: 1 MB
The Prayers
Title: Jan 27 (167 clicks)
Caption: The Prayers
Filename: jan-27.pdf
Size: 1 MB
Precious in His Sight
Title: Jan 20 (141 clicks)
Caption: Precious in His Sight
Filename: jan-20.pdf
Size: 1 MB
We Have Found Him
Title: Jan 13 (158 clicks)
Caption: We Have Found Him
Filename: jan-13.pdf
Size: 1 MB
New Every Morning
Title: Jan 06 (152 clicks)
Caption: New Every Morning
Filename: jan-06.pdf
Size: 1 MB