Newsletter Archive: 2007

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Just Stay Away!
Title: January 2 (198 clicks)
Caption: Just Stay Away!
Filename: january-2-4.pdf
Size: 583 KB
What's Your Ministry
Title: January 9 (347 clicks)
Caption: What's Your Ministry
Filename: january-9.pdf
Size: 559 KB
Thanks For 20!
Title: January 16 (223 clicks)
Caption: Thanks For 20!
Filename: january-16.pdf
Size: 568 KB
Just Children
Title: January 23 (227 clicks)
Caption: Just Children
Filename: january-23.pdf
Size: 632 KB
A Day to Remember
Title: January 30 (232 clicks)
Caption: A Day to Remember
Filename: january-30.pdf
Size: 579 KB
Family Choices
Title: February 6 (246 clicks)
Caption: Family Choices
Filename: february-6.pdf
Size: 280 KB
The Truth About Church
Title: February 13 (241 clicks)
Caption: The Truth About Church
Filename: february-13.pdf
Size: 569 KB
Reading Scripture/Scripture Reading
Title: February 20 (231 clicks)
Caption: Reading Scripture/Scripture Reading
Filename: february-20.pdf
Size: 537 KB
The Most Descriptive Word
Title: February 27 (233 clicks)
Caption: The Most Descriptive Word
Filename: february-27.pdf
Size: 553 KB
Gayle--Four Weeks and Counting
Title: Gayle Crowe-- Four weeks and Counting (222 clicks)
Caption: Gayle--Four Weeks and Counting
Filename: addendum.pdf
Size: 44 KB
Moments Matter
Title: March 6 (442 clicks)
Caption: Moments Matter
Filename: march-6-2.pdf
Size: 552 KB
CSC--New Orleans, LA Mission Trip Update
Title: March 13 (222 clicks)
Caption: CSC--New Orleans, LA Mission Trip Update
Filename: march-13-3.pdf
Size: 534 KB
Incomplete Circle
Title: March 20 (217 clicks)
Caption: Incomplete Circle
Filename: march-20-3.pdf
Size: 561 KB
The Ministry of Worship
Title: March 27 (188 clicks)
Caption: The Ministry of Worship
Filename: march-27-4.pdf
Size: 682 KB
Experiencing the Message
Title: April 3 (203 clicks)
Caption: Experiencing the Message
Filename: april-3-3.pdf
Size: 512 KB
God Is Very Important?
Title: April 10 (235 clicks)
Caption: God Is Very Important?
Filename: april-10-3.pdf
Size: 585 KB
Why a Root Beer Keg Party?
Title: April 17 (210 clicks)
Caption: Why a Root Beer Keg Party?
Filename: april-17-3.pdf
Size: 523 KB
Fellowship That Makes a Difference
Title: April 24 (212 clicks)
Caption: Fellowship That Makes a Difference
Filename: april-24-3.pdf
Size: 647 KB
Knowing Him
Title: May 1 (212 clicks)
Caption: Knowing Him
Filename: may-1-3.pdf
Size: 514 KB
Extra Mile Love
Title: May 8 (214 clicks)
Caption: Extra Mile Love
Filename: may-8-3.pdf
Size: 544 KB
Talking With Mouths Wide Shut
Title: May 15 (245 clicks)
Caption: Talking With Mouths Wide Shut
Filename: may-15-3.pdf
Size: 585 KB
Here and Now How?
Title: May 22 (189 clicks)
Caption: Here and Now How?
Filename: may-22-3.pdf
Size: 581 KB
Title: May 29 (202 clicks)
Caption: Peace
Filename: may-29-3.pdf
Size: 597 KB
Imago Dei
Title: June 5 (205 clicks)
Caption: Imago Dei
Filename: june-5-3.pdf
Size: 540 KB
Thinking Forward
Title: June 12 (217 clicks)
Caption: Thinking Forward
Filename: june-12-3.pdf
Size: 492 KB
Between Two Fires
Title: June 19 (203 clicks)
Caption: Between Two Fires
Filename: june-19-3.pdf
Size: 588 KB
Title: June 26 (222 clicks)
Caption: Direction
Filename: june-26-3.pdf
Size: 519 KB
What if?
Title: July 3 (228 clicks)
Caption: What if?
Filename: july-3-3.pdf
Size: 540 KB
Join Me, Won't You?
Title: July 10 (296 clicks)
Caption: Join Me, Won't You?
Filename: july-10-3.pdf
Size: 530 KB
Unlearning Church
Title: July 17 (218 clicks)
Caption: Unlearning Church
Filename: july-17-3.pdf
Size: 515 KB
Take a Break!
Title: July 24 (214 clicks)
Caption: Take a Break!
Filename: july-24-3.pdf
Size: 614 KB
Are You Ready
Title: July 31 (222 clicks)
Caption: Are You Ready
Filename: july-31-3.pdf
Size: 270 KB
Trust His Heart
Title: August 7 (203 clicks)
Caption: Trust His Heart
Filename: august-7-3.pdf
Size: 493 KB
Minister Search
Title: August 14 (227 clicks)
Caption: Minister Search
Filename: august-14-3.pdf
Size: 508 KB
L.I.F.E. Groups
Title: August 21 (208 clicks)
Caption: L.I.F.E. Groups
Filename: august-21-3.pdf
Size: 535 KB
The Kerrigans Are Coming!
Title: August 28 (193 clicks)
Caption: The Kerrigans Are Coming!
Filename: august-28-3.pdf
Size: 512 KB
Elmwood LIFE Groups- Fall 2007
Title: September 4 (205 clicks)
Caption: Elmwood LIFE Groups- Fall 2007
Filename: september-4-3.pdf
Size: 511 KB
Your Assistance Is Needed
Title: September 11 (228 clicks)
Caption: Your Assistance Is Needed
Filename: september-11-3.pdf
Size: 486 KB
Still Dreaming
Title: September 18 (252 clicks)
Caption: Still Dreaming
Filename: september-18-3.pdf
Size: 507 KB
Did You Feel It?
Title: September 25 (201 clicks)
Caption: Did You Feel It?
Filename: september-25-3.pdf
Size: 515 KB
Title: October 2 (220 clicks)
Caption: Mentors
Filename: october-2-3.pdf
Size: 506 KB
What Would You Do? What is God Doing?
Title: October 9 (616 clicks)
Caption: What Would You Do? What is God Doing?
Filename: october-9-3.pdf
Size: 692 KB
Noah's Ark Night
Title: October 16 (219 clicks)
Caption: Noah's Ark Night
Filename: october-16-3.pdf
Size: 690 KB
It's Tough to Tell the Truth!?
Title: October 23 (208 clicks)
Caption: It's Tough to Tell the Truth!?
Filename: october-23-3.pdf
Size: 534 KB
The Kerrigans are Here!
Title: October 30 (234 clicks)
Caption: The Kerrigans are Here!
Filename: october-30-3.pdf
Size: 474 KB
Grace Is No Bitter Root
Title: November 6 (230 clicks)
Caption: Grace Is No Bitter Root
Filename: november-6-3.pdf
Size: 1 MB
Who Knows?
Title: November 13 (224 clicks)
Caption: Who Knows?
Filename: november-13-3.pdf
Size: 1 MB
How Awesome Is This Place!
Title: November 20 (214 clicks)
Caption: How Awesome Is This Place!
Filename: november-20-3.pdf
Size: 1 MB
The Bible
Title: November 27 (215 clicks)
Caption: The Bible
Filename: november-27-3.pdf
Size: 891 KB
More Than We Imagine?
Title: December 4 (220 clicks)
Caption: More Than We Imagine?
Filename: december-4-3.pdf
Size: 2 MB
Finding Joy in Green Bags
Title: December 11 (222 clicks)
Caption: Finding Joy in Green Bags
Filename: december-11-3.pdf
Size: 2 MB
Christmas for Everyone
Title: December 18 (228 clicks)
Caption: Christmas for Everyone
Filename: december-18-3.pdf
Size: 2 MB

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