Newsletter Archive: 2008

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Knowing Christ, Making Christ Known
Title: January 2 (198 clicks)
Caption: Knowing Christ, Making Christ Known
Filename: january-2-3.pdf
Size: 2 MB
L.I.F.E. Groups
Title: January 8 (177 clicks)
Caption: L.I.F.E. Groups
Filename: january-8-3.pdf
Size: 2 MB
I Have a Dream
Title: January 15 (207 clicks)
Caption: I Have a Dream
Filename: january-15-3.pdf
Size: 2 MB
My Partners in the Gospel
Title: January 22 (187 clicks)
Caption: My Partners in the Gospel
Filename: january-22-3.pdf
Size: 2 MB
The Word of God
Title: January 29 (195 clicks)
Caption: The Word of God
Filename: january-29-3.pdf
Size: 798 KB
Living a Mission
Title: February 5 (246 clicks)
Caption: Living a Mission
Filename: february-5-3.pdf
Size: 2 MB
Jesus' Family Tree
Title: February 12 (253 clicks)
Caption: Jesus' Family Tree
Filename: february-12-3.pdf
Size: 2 MB
Our Campus Ministry
Title: February 19 (188 clicks)
Caption: Our Campus Ministry
Filename: february-19-3.pdf
Size: 2 MB
Will You Color With Me?
Title: February 26 (171 clicks)
Caption: Will You Color With Me?
Filename: february-26-3.pdf
Size: 2 MB
The Aroma of Christ
Title: March 4 (208 clicks)
Caption: The Aroma of Christ
Filename: march-4.pdf
Size: 2 MB
For God Is Working in You...
Title: March 11 (169 clicks)
Caption: For God Is Working in You...
Filename: march-11.pdf
Size: 2 MB
Running From the Lord
Title: March 18 (180 clicks)
Caption: Running From the Lord
Filename: march-18.pdf
Size: 2 MB
Title: March 25 (162 clicks)
Caption: Love
Filename: march-25.pdf
Size: 2 MB
Life and Music
Title: April 1 (156 clicks)
Caption: Life and Music
Filename: april-1.pdf
Size: 2 MB
10 Ways to Stay in Love
Title: April 8 (193 clicks)
Caption: 10 Ways to Stay in Love
Filename: april-8.pdf
Size: 2 MB
Where No One Stands Alone
Title: April 15 (177 clicks)
Caption: Where No One Stands Alone
Filename: april-15.pdf
Size: 2 MB
I Want...
Title: April 22 (180 clicks)
Caption: I Want...
Filename: april-22.pdf
Size: 2 MB
Coming Soon
Title: April 29 (157 clicks)
Caption: Coming Soon
Filename: april-29.pdf
Size: 2 MB
Happy Mother's Day
Title: May 6 (172 clicks)
Caption: Happy Mother's Day
Filename: may-6.pdf
Size: 2 MB
Title: May 13 (183 clicks)
Caption: Rest
Filename: may-13.pdf
Size: 2 MB
Title: May 20 (161 clicks)
Caption: "The End of the Spear"
Filename: may-20.pdf
Size: 2 MB
Come Worship With Us!
Title: May 27 (152 clicks)
Caption: Come Worship With Us!
Filename: may-27.pdf
Size: 2 MB
What Did You Learn at VBS?
Title: June 3 (157 clicks)
Caption: What Did You Learn at VBS?
Filename: june-3.pdf
Size: 2 MB
What's Happening at Elmwood?
Title: June 10 (186 clicks)
Caption: What's Happening at Elmwood?
Filename: june-10.pdf
Size: 2 MB
We've Got a Winner!
Title: June 17 (191 clicks)
Caption: We've Got a Winner!
Filename: june-17.pdf
Size: 2 MB
Which Version is the Right Version?
Title: June 24 (168 clicks)
Caption: Which Version is the Right Version?
Filename: june-24.pdf
Size: 2 MB
Tips on Being Miserable
Title: July 1 (167 clicks)
Caption: Tips on Being Miserable
Filename: july-1.pdf
Size: 2 MB
Title: July 8 (159 clicks)
Caption: Becoming
Filename: july-8.pdf
Size: 2 MB
Wednesday Nights at Elmwood
Title: July 15 (190 clicks)
Caption: Wednesday Nights at Elmwood
Filename: july-15.pdf
Size: 172 KB
L.I.F.E Group Ministry
Title: July 22 (144 clicks)
Caption: L.I.F.E Group Ministry
Filename: july-22.pdf
Size: 303 KB
Taste and See!
Title: July 29 (172 clicks)
Caption: Taste and See!
Filename: july-29.pdf
Size: 314 KB
How Would You Sum it Up?
Title: August 5 (183 clicks)
Caption: How Would You Sum it Up?
Filename: august-5.pdf
Size: 244 KB
Spiritual Awkwardness
Title: August 12 (164 clicks)
Caption: Spiritual Awkwardness
Filename: august-12.pdf
Size: 237 KB
L.I.F.E. Groups
Title: August 19 (186 clicks)
Caption: L.I.F.E. Groups
Filename: august-19.pdf
Size: 121 KB
Title: August 26 (194 clicks)
Caption: Today's Word: INTENTIONAL
Filename: august-26.pdf
Size: 302 KB
Victory in Jesus
Title: September 2 (153 clicks)
Caption: Victory in Jesus
Filename: september-2.pdf
Size: 312 KB
The Power of Words
Title: September 9 (169 clicks)
Caption: The Power of Words
Filename: september-9.pdf
Size: 292 KB
Break My Heart
Title: September 16 (221 clicks)
Caption: Break My Heart
Filename: september-16.pdf
Size: 313 KB
Rules for Prayer Competitiors
Title: September 23 (165 clicks)
Caption: Rules for Prayer Competitiors
Filename: september-23.pdf
Size: 260 KB
Maintenance or Missional?
Title: September 30 (198 clicks)
Caption: Maintenance or Missional?
Filename: september-30.pdf
Size: 217 KB
Why Does the Church Exist?
Title: October 7 (204 clicks)
Caption: Why Does the Church Exist?
Filename: october-7-2.pdf
Size: 235 KB
Families of Faith
Title: October 14 (201 clicks)
Caption: Families of Faith
Filename: october-14.pdf
Size: 252 KB
The Benefits of Listening
Title: October 21 (190 clicks)
Caption: The Benefits of Listening
Filename: october-21.pdf
Size: 289 KB
Top 10 Signs You Are Dying
Title: October 28 (208 clicks)
Caption: Top 10 Signs You Are Dying
Filename: october-28.pdf
Size: 274 KB
Our Hope
Title: November 4 (175 clicks)
Caption: Our Hope
Filename: november-4.pdf
Size: 271 KB
What Counts?
Title: November 11 (174 clicks)
Caption: What Counts?
Filename: november-11.pdf
Size: 314 KB
The Great Thanksgiving
Title: November 18 (177 clicks)
Caption: The Great Thanksgiving
Filename: november-18.pdf
Size: 353 KB
My Thanksgiving Prayer
Title: November 25 (149 clicks)
Caption: My Thanksgiving Prayer
Filename: november-25.pdf
Size: 347 KB
Adorning the Gospel
Title: December 2 (170 clicks)
Caption: Adorning the Gospel
Filename: december-2.pdf
Size: 377 KB
Recapturing the Joy
Title: December 9 (159 clicks)
Caption: Recapturing the Joy
Filename: december-9.pdf
Size: 380 KB
What Do You Believe?
Title: December 16 (209 clicks)
Caption: What Do You Believe?
Filename: december-16.pdf
Size: 373 KB

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