Newsletter Archive: 2012

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The Table of Peace
Title: January 3 (213 clicks)
Caption: The Table of Peace
Filename: january-3-2.pdf
Size: 785 KB
Thinking He Was the Gardener...
Title: January 10 (242 clicks)
Caption: Thinking He Was the Gardener...
Filename: january-10-2.pdf
Size: 689 KB
Sticking with Love!
Title: January 17 (232 clicks)
Caption: Sticking with Love!
Filename: january-17.pdf
Size: 820 KB
Worship: Good or Great?
Title: January 24 (254 clicks)
Caption: Worship: Good or Great?
Filename: january-24-2.pdf
Size: 694 KB
Loving People Well
Title: January 31 (220 clicks)
Caption: Loving People Well
Filename: january-31-2.pdf
Size: 628 KB
How do you Approach Jesus?
Title: February 7 (208 clicks)
Caption: How do you Approach Jesus?
Filename: february-7-2.pdf
Size: 743 KB
Too Busy!
Title: February 14 (230 clicks)
Caption: Too Busy!
Filename: february-14-2.pdf
Size: 774 KB
Speaking Grace
Title: February 21 (233 clicks)
Caption: Speaking Grace
Filename: february-21-2.pdf
Size: 738 KB
Two Loves
Title: February 28 (211 clicks)
Caption: Two Loves
Filename: february-28-2.pdf
Size: 772 KB
Consistently Inconsistent?
Title: March 6 (232 clicks)
Caption: Consistently Inconsistent?
Filename: march-6.pdf
Size: 637 KB
When the Perfect Comes
Title: March 13 (261 clicks)
Caption: When the Perfect Comes
Filename: march-13-2.pdf
Size: 682 KB
When the Perfect Comes (cont.)
Title: March 20 (218 clicks)
Caption: When the Perfect Comes (cont.)
Filename: march-20.pdf
Size: 782 KB
Feeling Cared For
Title: March 27 (252 clicks)
Caption: Feeling Cared For
Filename: march-27-3.pdf
Size: 804 KB
Up to a Point
Title: April 3 (201 clicks)
Caption: Up to a Point
Filename: april-3-2.pdf
Size: 1 MB
Much More Than Forgiveness
Title: April 10 (272 clicks)
Caption: Much More Than Forgiveness
Filename: april-10-2.pdf
Size: 787 KB
Wasting Grace
Title: April 17 (221 clicks)
Caption: Wasting Grace
Filename: april-17-2.pdf
Size: 744 KB
Sunday Evenings in the Summer
Title: April 24 (226 clicks)
Caption: Sunday Evenings in the Summer
Filename: april-24-2.pdf
Size: 788 KB
The Bitter Fruit of Anger
Title: May 1 (201 clicks)
Caption: The Bitter Fruit of Anger
Filename: may-1-2.pdf
Size: 879 KB
Loving Your Community
Title: May 8 (207 clicks)
Caption: Loving Your Community
Filename: may-8-2.pdf
Size: 1 MB
Truth is on My Side!
Title: May 15 (188 clicks)
Caption: Truth is on My Side!
Filename: may-15-2.pdf
Size: 1 MB
Conflict Can Be Good?
Title: May 22 (189 clicks)
Caption: Conflict Can Be Good?
Filename: may-22-2.pdf
Size: 1 MB
The Women in Our Lives
Title: May 29 (237 clicks)
Caption: The Women in Our Lives
Filename: may-29-2.pdf
Size: 1,020 KB
Title: June 5 (188 clicks)
Caption: Booster
Filename: june-5-2.pdf
Size: 996 KB
Wisdom Comes From...
Title: June 12 (238 clicks)
Caption: Wisdom Comes From...
Filename: june-12-2.pdf
Size: 934 KB
An Honest Approach to the Text
Title: June 19 (250 clicks)
Caption: An Honest Approach to the Text
Filename: june-19-2.pdf
Size: 953 KB
The Temptation of Power
Title: June 26 (233 clicks)
Caption: The Temptation of Power
Filename: june-26-2.pdf
Size: 1 MB
The Great Pursuit
Title: July 3 (226 clicks)
Caption: The Great Pursuit
Filename: july-3-2.pdf
Size: 793 KB
Sing It Again!
Title: July 10 (267 clicks)
Caption: Sing It Again!
Filename: july-10-2.pdf
Size: 847 KB
Children Are Like Sponges
Title: July 17 (220 clicks)
Caption: Children Are Like Sponges
Filename: july-17-2.pdf
Size: 718 KB
May Thy Will Be Done
Title: July 24 (198 clicks)
Caption: May Thy Will Be Done
Filename: july-24-2.pdf
Size: 753 KB
Engraved on the Palms of His Hands
Title: July 31 (175 clicks)
Caption: Engraved on the Palms of His Hands
Filename: july-31-2.pdf
Size: 734 KB
Are You Listening?
Title: August 7 (211 clicks)
Caption: Are You Listening?
Filename: august-7-2.pdf
Size: 926 KB
More Like Us?
Title: August 14 (217 clicks)
Caption: More Like Us?
Filename: august-14-2.pdf
Size: 1 MB
Always With Us?
Title: August 21 (199 clicks)
Caption: Always With Us?
Filename: august-21-2.pdf
Size: 886 KB
Credited to Your Account
Title: August 28 (241 clicks)
Caption: Credited to Your Account
Filename: august-28-2.pdf
Size: 889 KB
Praying in the Moment
Title: September 4 (233 clicks)
Caption: Praying in the Moment
Filename: september-4-2.pdf
Size: 947 KB
The Real Issue is Attitude
Title: September 11 (248 clicks)
Caption: The Real Issue is Attitude
Filename: september-11-2.pdf
Size: 823 KB
Testing the Lord
Title: September 18 (235 clicks)
Caption: Testing the Lord
Filename: september-18-2.pdf
Size: 719 KB
He Sings, Too!
Title: September 25 (211 clicks)
Caption: He Sings, Too!
Filename: september-25-2.pdf
Size: 861 KB
Perfectly Pointless
Title: October 2 (261 clicks)
Caption: Perfectly Pointless
Filename: october-2-2.pdf
Size: 968 KB
Love Mercy
Title: October 9 (256 clicks)
Caption: Love Mercy
Filename: october-9-2.pdf
Size: 1,003 KB
Our Elmwood Story
Title: October 16 (221 clicks)
Caption: Our Elmwood Story
Filename: october-16-2.pdf
Size: 1,014 KB
Staying Busy at Elmwood
Title: October 23 (320 clicks)
Caption: Staying Busy at Elmwood
Filename: october-23-2.pdf
Size: 1 MB
Glorious Noise
Title: October 30 (248 clicks)
Caption: Glorious Noise
Filename: october-30-2.pdf
Size: 1 MB
Placing Hope in Sinking Sand?
Title: November 6 (239 clicks)
Caption: Placing Hope in Sinking Sand?
Filename: november-6-2.pdf
Size: 1 MB
The Discipline to Create Space
Title: November 13 (189 clicks)
Caption: The Discipline to Create Space
Filename: november-13-2.pdf
Size: 1 MB
Thanksgiving Prayers
Title: November 20 (219 clicks)
Caption: Thanksgiving Prayers
Filename: november-20-2.pdf
Size: 1 MB
A Paranoid Rule-Follower
Title: November 27 (191 clicks)
Caption: A Paranoid Rule-Follower
Filename: november-27-2.pdf
Size: 1 MB
Are You Willing?
Title: December 4 (241 clicks)
Caption: Are You Willing?
Filename: december-4-2.pdf
Size: 1 MB
Reflecting on our Temptations
Title: December 11 (218 clicks)
Caption: Reflecting on our Temptations
Filename: december-11-2.pdf
Size: 1 MB
Bursting with God News!
Title: December 18 (231 clicks)
Caption: Bursting with God News!
Filename: december-18-2.pdf
Size: 2 MB

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