Sacred Spaces Recommendations

Logo-01Sacred Spaces Report: Executive Summary

Two years ago the Elders formed a team to do a holistic evaluation of our facilities including our prospects for a new facility. This team evaluated our facilities from the standpoint of “who we are and where we going” and was guided by the context described in the book Holy Spaces[1] which describes the function of a ‘sacred spaces’ team. Hence the team was dubbed the Sacred Spaces Team.

This team looked at our facility from the standpoint of the character of our congregation, the community and times in which we live, and current recommendations for church building layouts. Several building modifications were recommended all with the intended effect of making our facility more welcoming to churched or un-churched visitors in a way that is more consistent with the current times.

Three of these recommendations the elders are planning to implement and cost estimates are being prepared. These modifications are: 1) more space between pews; 2) windows in the 2nd floor educational wing hall way; and 3) Dutch doors for the 1st floor children’s’ class rooms and converting the west education wing door to exit-only.

Complete details, including recommendations that were tabled, are in the full report which is available to you.

For the Shepherds,
Bill Bell


[1] Demott, N., Shapiro, T., and Bill, B.; Holy Spaces: Matching Sacred Space with Mission and Message; Rowman & Littlefield, 2007.

Click here for the full  Sacred Spaces Recommendations Report.

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